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Hotel Delfin Mamaia

Rooms from 280 lei / night

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Every place lives by its story. Hotel Delfin has been a part of it since 1965 central in the story of Mamaia resort. He lived and grew up with what they have told about him all who crossed his threshold.

In 2017, we decided to change her story and turn her popularity into prestigious. I’ve kept enough to remind you of what a was true symbol of Mamaia resort and I added everything that surprises. I have had the courage to accept a challenge that seemed impossible: to keep the location, so that you know that you will also find us here, where you found us even better 50 years, but to give new life to the old walls. Above all, I gave it to him personality! After a fundamental transformation, in which I relied on everything really important in the hotel industry, Hotel Delfin has been reclassified to 3 stars and become the host you need when you’re on vacation at sea.
From tradition or based on so many examples, Hotel Delfin has rewritten its history and a offers guests at present. 2017 is the year in which Hotel Delfin was reborn, becoming more welcoming and hospitable, with superlative quality services!Thank you for choosing us and we guarantee that we will do absolutely everything it’s up to us to turn your visit into a memorable experience: in something to tell!


Choose from a variety of sizes and styles.

Double plus cu vedere la gradina

3 persoane, pat dublu + sofa extensibila

320 lei/noapte

Double King cu balcon

2 persoane, pat dublu king

306 lei/noapte

Twin cu balcon

2 pers., 2 paturi single

306 lei/noapte

Double cu vedere la grădină

2 persoane, pat dublu

265 lei/noapte

Twin cu vedere la gradina

2 pers., 2 paturi single

287 leinoapte
Rezerva acum

Double cu balcon

2 persoane, pat dublu

283 lei/noapte

Double plus cu balcon

3 persoane, pat dublu + sofa extensibila

342 lei/noapte


The rooms are modernly furnished, bright and confortable, equipped with memory foam mattresses and hypoallergenic pillows. Not all rooms have balconies, but we offer a spectacular view of the garden around the hotel, the whole concept being developed around the attention to the environment and an atmosphere as close to nature as possible.


Accessible public transport. Transport for a fee airport - hotel and hotel - airport. Transport for a fee for the tour of the tourist objectives.


Meals are served at Hotel Bavaria Blu ★★★★

Quality services

Our clients appreciated the quality of our services.

Protective measures against COVID-19

In order to guarantee the continuity of the accommodation activity in strict safety conditions, the recommendations of the Ministry of Health for the management of the hygienic-sanitary risk as well as an action plan for the prevention and management of the epidemiological emergency with COVID-19 were implemented. Thus, in the hotel reception is located a state-of-the-art thermal imaging camera with the function of access control and detection of the temperature or the non-wearing of the protective mask! There are hand sanitizers on all levels, and disinfection of all surfaces in the hotel is done every 2 hours.